Build a footgolf course

We’re really excited that you want to build a footgolf course! For years to come, you will experience the joy of growing a social network in your local community. At the same time a course means lucrative business. Let us guide you!

This is what the process looks like:

Step 1 – Preliminary report SHOW DETAILS

Choosing location and land will always be an important process. Make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’d love to help out! When you wish to proceed, a preliminary report is needed in order to make a sound decision.

  • We visit your facility to see what your plans and ambitions are
  • We document location, land and existing infrastructure
  • We put together the options we think are the most viable
  • We also put together an overview for your cost and revenue estimates

Request a quote.

Step 2 – Design work SHOW DETAILS

If the preliminary report is to your liking, it’s time for designing the course. The design is in many ways crucial to the end result and as such, it’s a process we take very seriously.

  1. Rough design for the entire facility
  2. Detailed design considering international standards
  3. Final design including presentation

Step 3 – Construction begins SHOW DETAILS

When the design is finished it’s time to start building the course. We will be available making sure progress is according to plan – over the phone and email but also on site.

Step 4 – Inauguration time SHOW DETAILS

Now the fun begins! You have a brand new footgolf course and it’s time to aggressively market your presence. We will of course continue to work with you in order to ensure future course quality and maintenance.